Vera Hoffmann-Kolss

I regularly teach introductory classes in metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and logic. I also teach introductory and advanced seminars on topics in these areas, as well as on selected topics in the history of philosophy.

In addition, I regularly supervise bachelor's theses and master's theses on topics in my areas of expertise.

For more information about the classes I am currently teaching (and have taught in the past), please visit the website of the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Bern.

PhD Theses

Main Supervisor

Zhengguan Chen (ongoing): On Sortals, Essences and Naturalness, University of Bern

Jan Philipp Köster (2021): Erklärung und Modell in der Physiologie - Reflexionen auf die begrifflichen Grundlagen der Biowissenschaften, University of Cologne

External Examiner

Yee Hang Sze (ongoing): Higher-Order Causation and the Limitations of Interventionism, University of Oxford

Farzaneh Hassanali (2022): Where is the Place for Rationality in Methodologies of Science? An Inquiry into the Methodologies of Karl Popper, Thomas Kuhn, and Imre Lakatos, University of Cologne